Make the problem the solution

We turn Offshore CO2 storage locations into batteries for renewable energy


Fizzypower turns offshore CO2 storage locations into 'batteries' and offshore platforms into renewable energy generators

In the short term we can buy ourselves some time by capturing CO2 and storing it, but in parallel we need to invent and build the sustainable energy solutions of the future.
As renewable energy is becoming more cost competitive we are witnessing a rapid acceleration of emission-free energy supply to satisfy our ever-growing global demand. While solar and wind energy technology is rapidly maturing we still need more energy solutions in the supply mix to catch up with energy demand.


Make the problem the solution

We are developing sustainable offshore energy solutions that generate power from ocean water and that allow large-scale temporary power storage for offshore wind farms. These solutions are aimed at supplying new renewable power and stabilizing the offshore power grid.


Our patented energy storage system for offshore wind farms.

Fizzy Power is a patented technology that turns an underground CO2 storage reservoir into a large ‘battery’. This makes it possible to store offshore wind energy for weeks or months and regenerate it when needed.


Fizzy Hydro

A new clean energy solution powered by water. The technology is currently under development.


“In the end, we need to transition to a circular economy, where all energy is renewable and any remaining emissions do not exceed the amount that can be handled by nature. Meanwhile, CCS and Blue Carbon can buy us time to avoid disaster and lay the foundation for removing excess CO2 from our atmosphere so we get back to a safe situation.”

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Anne-Mette Jørgensen


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