Eco Reefs

Tropical reef damaged by blast fishing

In the sea, biodiversity is closely linked with the three-dimensional diversity of a habitat. This is particularly so on reefs – cold water as well as tropical ones. Unfortunately, these important environments and the resources that they supply are seriously threatened by nutrient run-off and other forms of pollution from coastal developments, destructive (fishing) practices, over-fishing and the impacts of climate change.

Fizzy Transition Ventures is breaking new ground with the development of proprietary artificial reefs that quickly create super-diverse, sustainable marine communities that sequester carbon from the ocean as they grow: ECO-Reefs. They are suitable for use in repurposing offshore installations into reefs for commercial fisheries, recreational scuba diving, etc. Or they can function as standalone replenishment areas for species under pressure .

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SynCoral®: Improved Artificial Reef Materials

The undamaged part of the same reef

Most artificial reefs are constructed of (steel and) Portland based concrete for economic reasons. Unfortunately, Portland concrete mixtures have a large carbon footprint and are chemically aggressive to many sessile marine species.

For our ECO-Reefs, Fizzy Transition Ventures is using its proprietary product known as SynCoral®. This laminated material incorporates recycled and natural materials and surface properties that promote coral settlement and growth. Originally developed on the Great Barrier Reef, test sites in the Strait of Malacca and Malaysia’s South China Sea are in use to “adjust” chemistry and optimize settlement of a diverse range of species.

SynCoral® enhances sessile community development in both tropical and cold-water environments. It can significantly boost biodiversity and productivity on repurposed oil and gas platforms, wind farms, and standalone artificial reef systems.

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ECO-Reefs: Some Background and Comparison with Other Artificial Reefs





Coral Stars

Coral Stars

Coral Stars are proprietary structures (patent applied for 2019) that are star-like in plan-view. They may have arms radiating from a central disc or comprise a regular matrix of interlinked arms without central discs (dependent on engineering requirements). The specific layout depends on coral species chosen as well as short and long term goals for the project. Where additional fish shelter is required (common in dynamite fished areas), the central disc can be replaced with a specially designed artificial reef module.

The unique properties of Coral Stars make them particularly suitable for large-scale reef restoration. They are easy to assemble by divers or can be assembled onshore and launched with machinery. Time consuming ‘planting’ is avoided since transplants are easily moved from nursery to site and any coral mortalities are quickly replaceable.

See Coral Stars & Reef Restoration for more information

Coral nursery in Perhentian Kecil, East Malaysia

Fizzy Transition Ventures runs a Coral nursery at Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia to grow new corals for the restoration of damaged coral reef. This is where we also test our improved artificial reef materials. Operated in conjunction with the Department of Marine Parks Malaysia and supported by the Alunan Resort, Oceanaut Marine, and Universal Divers it is Malaysia’s first large scale Coral Reef Rescue Project.

See Building a Nursery for Coral and 2019 Coral Nursery news for more information on our coral nursery. 

Perhentian Experimantal Coral Nursery Update, June 2019