Renewable Power & Storage

There’s no doubt that we need to transition to a world without greenhouse gas emissions and keep it a nice place for 9 billion people to live in. In the short term we can buy ourselves a little time by capturing CO2 and storing it, but in parallel we need to invent and build the sustainable energy solutions of the future. As renewable energy is becoming more cost competitive we are witnessing a rapid acceleration of emission-free energy supply to satisfy our ever-growing global demand. While solar and wind energy technology is rapidly maturing we still need more energy solutions in the supply mix to catch up with energy demand. Fizzy Transition Ventures is developing sustainable offshore energy solutions that generate power from ocean water and that allow large-scale temporary power storage for offshore wind farms. These solutions are aimed at supplying new renewable power and stabilizing the offshore power grid.

Fizzypower: Offshore Energy Storage

Our patented energy storage system for offshore wind farms. Fizzypower makes use of CO2 and turns offshore CO2 storage locations into power plants that can produce and store large amounts of electric power.