Successful new coral settlement

Newly cast concrete test surfaces were placed in our experimental coral nursery at Perhentian Marine Park in Malaysia. This was done in February, 2018 to catch the annual coral spawning season. One concrete surface was treated with our new “Compound 7 ®” in an attempt to increase coral larvae settlement. Coral larvae will usually avoid concrete for the first 2-4 years making artificial reef development a slow process.

Surprisingly, new corals settled on the surface treated with “Compound 7” within days and are growing rapidly. Settlement rates were extremely high at 38 new colonies per square metre. The ordinary Portland cement surfaces have no settlement and are unlikely to grow corals for several years.

The unique proprietary surfaces of our ECO-Reefs are able to get coral communities up and growing years faster than other products.

Coral larvae settlement on Compound 7® surface
Close up of new coral settlement